Lutopia by Andy Abbott Lutopia is a virtual reality experience by artist Andy Abbott, that uses an interactive gamified format to explore ideas around Universal Basic Income set in a fictional future version of Luton. All the characters, places and situations in the game were developed through workshops and public contributions. The Lutopia Live VR experience was showcased […]

Warlock – The Heygate Shuffle [Final Blow]

In 2011 Southwark council took the controversial decision to demolish Elephant and Castle’s Heygate Estate. A place close to Warlock’s heart this video pays homage to the ghost of a well remembered south London neighborhood. Buy now: Bandcamp: Bleep: Boomkat: Track: Final Blow Produced by Warlock Video by Lewis Hackett @ Prefix […]

3D Raymarched Physarum

3D Moving Agents based on Physarum Transport Networks (Jeff Jones, 2010) and the works of Sage Jenson @mxsage for ‘Intro to Compute Shaders’ course by @arsiliath The agents are controlled in a Compute Shader and written to a 3D texture which is displayed using a custom Raymarching HLSL shader in Unity. Music = Play Monotonous by @sonofphilip

3D Reaction Diffusion

3D Reaction Diffusion based on Gray-Scott model for ‘Intro to Compute Shaders’ course by @arsiliath The Reaction Diffusion is running at 256^3 sim resolution in a Compute Shader and displayed using Marching Cubes algorithm from @kaiware007‘s section in Unity Graphics Programming vol.3 that was translated from Japanese. Rendered in Unity HDRP. Music = Managed Decline by @warringtonruncorn

3D Edge of Chaos

3D Edge of Chaos (Chris Langton 1990) made for ‘Intro to Compute Shaders’ course by @arsiliath The Edge of Chaos algorithm is performed in a Compute Shader and stacked in layers in a Compute Buffer, which is displayed as animated voxels using a custom HDRP Instancing shader in Unity. Music = Mercian Tone